We help you self-publish your game

How we do that ?


We help you to polish and optimize your game. Depending on your advancement we’ll give you feedback on several aspects: Game/Level design, UI/UX, content and technical integration.


We help you to promote your game.
We’ll create a consistent marketing plan using multiple growth levers: media plan, visual assets and ASO.





We help you to get out the most of your game. We’ll create a pricing strategy matching your targeted audience to maximize revenues.


Our Collaborations



Split Up is a simple game with an additive gameplay. The rules are really simple you tap and hold to split the balls. You have to collect as many diamonds as you can


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SCRAP is a unique platformer in which you can’t stop moving. The game is complemented by a polished graphic design and great soundtrack.



Tumble Ranger


In Tumble Ranger, you have to jump from platform to platform to go as high as possible while avoiding everything that might kill you. Be fast and make the right decisions!


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I Wanna Fly


Become a dreamer whose dream came true and start flying… well, kind of.
Play as one of many characters and try to fall as long as you can, from space to the center of earth.


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The rules are simple in Rings. :
Arrange them. Match them. Stack them.
Simple gameplay but really additive.


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